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坙ing 2 children in New York04-19-20▓18 17:11 BJTNEW YORK, April 19 (Xinhua) -- A 55-▓year-old former nanny who stabbed two children to death was convicted

of murder Wednesda

ayAll work and no play04-19-2018 12:18 BJTChina's parents are questioning whether the

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go▓vernment's recent move to lessen the schoolwork burden on primary and secondary school stu▓dents can achi

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eve the intended result▓.Since the order was issued in late Febr▓uary, parents in big cities have been d

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iscussing heatedly whether to let their children have a more relaxed and happy lifestyle, as the education authorities suggested,

ad suffered an "undiagno

or to continue to send them to extra classes in their spare time to lea▓rn subjects such as mathematics, Engl▓ish and Chinese.Since the end

sed mental illness".Yo

of February, the Chi▓nese government's decades-old educational reforms have re-en▓tered mainstream public debate.


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The 12-member jury found Ortega's defense that she was too insane to realize what she was ▓doing when she stabbed Luc

ia more than 30

e vacuum themselves to provide their children with mo▓re extracurricular learning to help

times and Leo fi▓ve t

them stand▓ out from their peers and eventually gain admission to a ▓good uni

imes unbelievable.

versity.Many have written open letters to the Ministry of Education on social media pl

Prosecutors maintained▓

atforms arguing against ▓reducing the schoolwork burden on t▓heir children.Experts

that Ortega, who was in a financial plight, acted out of jealous hatred of

the children's mother, according to loca

l media.The ch

ildren's f

ather, Kevin Krim, attended the ruling in New York Supreme Cour

tos of

the children onl▓ine after the verdict, wr

iting "I love you" on them.Ortega faces life

said the government's education reforms can better regulate▓ the after-school tutoring market, but only a complete▓ overhaul of China's exam-oriented e▓du

term when she is sentenced next

month. If she had been▓ found not responsi

cation system can reduce the excessive bur▓den on pupils.Xie Wenfeng, the mother of a primary school pupil in Shanghai, said, "Although I really want my so

ble due to mental problems, she wo

▓uld have been sent to a mental instituti

n to have more time to play, I have to remind myself to be rational."To qualify for admi▓ssion into a key middle school, my son has to study hard now. Only

on.Please scan the QR Code to fo

llow us on ▓InstagramPlease scan the

by entering a key middle scho▓ol can he study at a key high school and later ▓at a good university. There's no other ▓option."With public schools reducing s

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